Tell me …..

All families have lots of stories. Some families are always telling stories. Sometimes you have to ask. My grandfather told me stories of when my dad was a little boy. My favourites were about Jip, the dog. When Jip was a tiny puppy, Grandpa brought him home on the train. He hid him in his pocket, so the guard wouldn’t see him. My mother told me stories of the man who came round her neighbourhood on a tricycle, selling ice creams and ringing a bell to tell people he was there. Aunts, uncles, neighbours and shopkeepers, everyone has a story to tell.

You may know some family stories. It is a really nice thing to hear them told aloud -why not get in touch with a granny or grandpa, or sit down with someone at home and ask them to tell you a story of something that happened to them. 

You could make a book of family stories. You could include some drawings or photographs. It would be a lovely thing to keep for yourself -or to give as a present.


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