Today, many people remember those who have been killed in war. We are reminded of the great absences in the lives of families; and of lives cut short in battle. Perhaps we also think about the way our lives are interlinked, the way that war changes the present and the future, and wish for there to be a working together for good and not the drive to fight.

I offer this poem by James Berry, as a moment for reflection. We have been thinking about what we experience through the senses and wonder if we might write a short poem of benediction, of blessing. Think about the meanings of ‘hear’, ‘see’, ‘feel’ ‘touch’; not simply the physical sense but the emotional sensePerhaps we could give thanks for something experienced through one or more of the senses and thanks for something that binds us together.

Thanks for the ear
that someone may hear
Thanks to seeing
that someone may see
Thanks to feeling
that someone may feel
Thanks to touch
that one may be touched
Thanks to flowering of white moon
and spreading shawl of black night
holding villages and cities together
James Berry

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