Sound of fire

It is nearly November 5th. In England at least, there are usually bonfires and fireworks around that time. Let’s really think about the sound of it all. It is dark when we set off fireworks, so maybe we notice the sounds more.

Here is the beginning of a list poem by Mary O’Neill:

The sound of fire is
A hiss, a sputter,
A crackle,
A flutter,
A lick,
A rumble,

It ends:

A cackle,
A crash,
A fall
Of ash …

See if you can think of the words that suggest sounds. Make a list, like this. You don’t have to make the words rhyme, though it is fine if some of them do. Try a list of sounds  for a bonfire, fireworks, for an autumn night in the dark, for cooking -sausages, baked potatoes, toasted marshmallows …. Do baked potatoes make a sound? Listen carefully next time you have them!


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