When I go to bed

When I go to bed

When I go to bed my mum and dad

get my microphone and dance all night.

My mum eats lots of gummy sweets and

she doesn’t brush her teeth!

My dad knocks on all the neighbours’ doors

and lies that Arsenal won.

When I go to bed my mum and dad

use my shiny pens and draw on the walls.

Amirah Turner

What a great poem. Amirah was six when she wrote this and she won a prize in the Suffolk Young Poets Competition. 

What do adults get up to in your house after you have gone to bed? And what about your pets and other creatures? Have a go at writing your own poem about what goes on in the house when you are not there to keep an eye on things.

The Poetry People, who run the Young Poets Competition, made a great video this year which you can see on YouTube. The prize winners read their poems and they are all a great inspiration. You can hear Amirah reading right at the end.


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