Take Away the A

Take Away the A is an alphabet book with a difference. It really is a game to play with words.  How does a word change if you take away one letter? “Without the A the beast is best.” Michael Escoffier and the illustrator Kris Di Giacomo have had fun changing words and drawing a picture of the changes. 

My favourite is “Without the I stairs lead to the stars.” And what about “Without the C the chair has hair.” “Without the Y yours is ours.” “Without the W the witch has an itch.” “Without the O four wear fur”

In this alphabet book, the alphabet is used to decide which letter will be taken away, but you can just have fun seeing how one word changes into another when you take away a letter. And of course, it works the other way -you can add letters, so add S to a word and it becomes a sword, add O to a cat and you have a coat….  It is over to you now. We’d love to see your ideas.

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