Colin the Courageous Carrot

I am excited to introduce to you, Colin the Courageous Carrot. This brave carrot was invented, designed and made by Harriet who is a friend of a friend of mine. When I first saw Colin, I couldn’t wait to introduce you to this new and thoroughly amazing superhero.

Look closely to see how Harriet has made her superhero. She chose a good carrot, already curved for a quick take-off into the sky. She left the little sprouting leaves at the top to make his stylish hairdo. She has drawn his smiling mouth and made his cape from red paper. Harriet was lucky to have some googly eyes at home to peep out from his black mask and she has given Colin stick arms and legs.

Harriet made a great drawing of Colin the Courageous Carrot and she has surrounded her drawing with her ideas. He is fast and can fly. He can freeze things with his fingers. He is all ready to set off on his adventures.

So now it is your turn. Which vegetable will be your superhero? Or will it be fruit or vegetable, a wooden spoon, a chewed pencil or a tin of beans? You could make a model like Harriet did. You could make a drawing and add details. 

Think of a name. It is fun that all the words in Colin’s name sound the same. I know you know that that is alliteration! So what about Teresa the Terrific Tomato or Ben the Bold Baked Bean? Decide on their qualities. What are their superpowers? Who is their arch enemy and who is their helper? Tell the story!

Share your drawings and models with us. We would love to see them. We will put them in our gallery where you might be able to see Harriet and her story.

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