I love the alphabet, for all its interesting shapes and for the way it gives me a frame for a list. And I don’t love it, because sometimes it is hard to find words for one letter, and then there are too many words for another letter. 

Today, begin by writing out the alphabet. You can spend some time on this if you like.  I made an alphabet on small squares of white paper. You could write the letters using coloured pens or cut them out of paper. You might have a stencil that you could use, you might like to use collage. Find a way of making the alphabet letters that suits you.

Once you have your alphabet, see if you can find an object for each letter. I chose very small objects, but you could have much bigger ones -T for Table, B for Bed, even H for house. You could put your letters beside the objects around the house, or you could draw the things you have chosen.

You may notice that I haven’t found objects for every letter yet, so don’t worry if you have some gaps. If you like, you could make a collection of things that all begin with the same letter. There are masses of things that begin with ‘S’ that you could find in and around your house. I wonder who could make the longest list?

So there you are. That’s the job, an alphabetical word hunt.

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