The Teacher’s Cat

This is another game. You may have played it before. You can play alone or with others. You can just say it aloud and you could write down your ideas if you wish. 

The Teacher’s cat is another alphabet game. This time we are thinking about adjectives –we are thinking about words to describe the teacher’s cat, or Miss Rowe’s dog, Susan, or the bus driver’s elephant – you decide.

Starting with the letter ‘A’ and running through the alphabet, you must think of words that describe the cat, or dog or… hippopotamus. It goes like this: The teacher’s cat is an angry cat; the teacher’s cat is a bored cat, the teacher’s cat is a cautious cat … and so on. Some letters are easier than others.

You can change the pattern if you want, and write down your list. I found that I had the beginnings of a story or, at least, a curious character. Send us your lists. Send us your drawings. We would love to see them.

Miss Jeni’s bird is an atrocious bird, a bad bird, a calamitous bird.

Miss Jeni’s bird is a dainty bird, an elegant, feathery, gorgeous bird.

Miss Jeni’s bird is a heavenly bird, iridescent, jaunty and kind.

Miss Jeni’s bird is a lonely bird, moody and naughty, owlish and portly,

            quizzical, rude and sublime.

Miss Jeni’s bird is a trusty bird, an understanding, unassuming, Utopian bird,

            a vast, voluminous, visible bird, a bird that is wise and wonderfully weird, 

a xylophilous bird (look it up), yodelling and yattering.

Miss Jeni’s bird.

Zippy and zappy, zealous and zany.

See how it zooms on its zigzag way.

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