The Captain’s Ship

Here is a game that uses the alphabet, names, places and words. You can play it alone but it is more fun with other people. I used to play this game when I was a little girl and I have played it with many different children ever since.

In the game, players take it in turns to supply information about the captain and his or her ship. In each round, all the answers must begin with the same letter of the alphabet. Let’s imagine three people are playing. The numbers show each person’s turn. It goes like this:

  1. The Captain’s name was … Andy    [first name]
  2.                                             … Arbuthnot [surname]
  3. Of the good ship              … Alice      [ship’s name]
  4. Sailing from                       … Antwerp [city or country from which the ship is sailing]
  5.  … to …                                 Australia  [city or country to which the ship is sailing]
  6.   … with a cargo of            … apples

The game then continues with the letter ‘b’. We usually ask the person who says the cargo to choose the captain’s first name, otherwise you just keep having to say the same categories each time.

6. The Captain’s name was Betty

  1.                                       Brown

 2. of the good ship Bluebell

3 sailing from   Boston

  4 to                   Blackpool

5 with a cargo of big blue balloons                  

Have fun!


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