Story pockets

Sometimes it is good to make up a story and tell it to someone. You don’t always have to write your stories down. Why don’t you make a little story folder with pockets? You can draw characters and some props and scenery and pop them in the pockets of your folder. Then you can use them to help you tell their story.

First make the folder. You can use any kind of paper. I have made three folders; one from plain paper, one from newspaper and one from the page of an old magazine. Place the paper in landscape position. Fold the bottom edge up towards the top edge but not all the way. This is your first pocket. Then fold up again from the bottom to make the second pocket. Now fold the strip into four zigzag pages. You can secure the ends with a staple, tape, glue or a sewing stitch.

Now make your characters. You can draw them on paper and cut them out. Or you could make little characters from things you find around the house. I found a mini stickman and a stone that looked as if it has eyes and a mouth. I drew a face on a cork and a milk bottle top and I made a little person from a spare scrap of fabric. And I couldn’t resist adding in the funny little character that I dug up from the garden when I was weeding. 

You can make up your characters and make up a story to go with them or you could tell a story that you already know. You can move the characters around like puppets as you tell the story.  Find someone who would like to hear a story. If everyone is busy, don’t forget that cats and dogs and teddy bears all enjoy a story.


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