Paper hunt

I hope you are finding plenty of things to write about. Why don’t you look around and make a little collection of paper? Different sizes and shapes of paper might make you think pf different things to write. There is no need to go raiding the family’s stash of good paper, there are plenty of things in most houses that you can use for writing. I found a round cardboard lid from a box of cheese. I am just wondering what kind of thing I could write on a circle.

Things you could look out for: old envelopes, (brown ones are nice, and ones that have had bills inside often have a coloured pattern on the inside. (Only use them if they are being thrown away!!), old paper bags and food packaging: boxes that held tea bags, paper bags, big white envelopes that have had magazines in them You will be doing your bit for re-cycling. Once you start looking there are all kinds of odds and ends of paper in a house. . Keep them neatly stacked in a box or bag.

You might like to make a little book for your stories or a diary. I made two today, just using a stapler to hold them together. One has a card front from a tea box, the other has a cover made from an envelope, inside out. I popped some old yellow tissue into the tea box book.

Later in the week, we will show you how to make more books. You could write a story or some poems for a friend, or for a member of your family whom you can’t visit at the moment. It could be a lovely present.


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